Genderless footwear brand based in Amsterdam.

Peterson Stoop is a genderless footwear brand based in Amsterdam. Currently all products are designed and produced by the founders Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop.

By using basic forms, a monochromatic colour pallet and a superior attention to detail the designers transform the archetypal shoe to meet Peterson Stoop’s signature requirements in FEEL, FORM and FINISH. Taking inspiration from utilitarian products and artisanal craftsmanship, the duo subtly and uniquely reevaluates pattern cutting, production techniques and proportions. Their products are part of an ever growing collection, unrestricted by time, place or season, documenting their constant search of harmony.

The two met during Peterson’s admission interview at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem. In 2008 their paths crossed again and they started sharing a studio following Stoop’s graduation from the Royal College of Art, London. After successfully collaborating on several prestigious design projects the inevitable happened and Peterson Stoop was conceived in 2013. The duo’s DNA was formed by working at a shoe repair shop and a leather tannery, enriching the designers with solid knowledge of materials and durability. On 90m2 Jelske Peterson and Jarah Stoop have now created their own footwear factory in Amsterdam. They focus on every step of their footwear’s production process. Peterson Stoop’s social and environmental goals are ever evolving, they make use of the highest ethical solutions that lie within their current means.