Pure angularity

Jessica Joyce creates clean-cut clothing for women
who appreciate sharpness in their wardrobe.

Jessica Joyce’s clothes portray the designer’s fascination with modern angular & geometric shapes, which have been influential in the development of her signature abstract style.

Specialising in dresses, Jessica Joyce unites craftsmanship with angular constructions and bold geometric motifs to create a unique and sharp look. Unremittingly adding new touches to her contemporary look, Jessica Joyce creates a unique style that is inventive without excess.

Artistry remains at the core of the collections, which are produced on an small scale in order to keep high standards and to ensure the rich, yet understated appeal of all JJ clothing.

The women who enjoy Jessica Joyce designs are confident and freespirited, with a strong sense of style.

“I believe that women of style nowadays feel the need for less commercial, more original choices in clean-cut clothing. They want authentic, edgy pieces they can wear as bold expressions of style.
That’s what I want too!”.