REcouture | REsearch | REspace

My process driven research reveals the constructive potential of soft tech materials. Sensuous archetypes ready to operate in the creative field.

RE couture
Like a choreographer unravelling the essence of each gesture, the fibres and threads I use reassemble the narrative to reach a point where the material starts to create a path that follows its own rules. A path travelling beyond guidance, storytelling and the cliché, supported by the chant of the digital knitting machine and the repetitive rhythm of classic hand sewing.

RE search
My research traces back to the origins of methods. Revealing and re-establishing the sparkle of manufacturing before the fashionable took its’ toll. Shedding a new light on production, whilst searching for what is essential and ownable for organizations and brands. Taking away barriers, preparing your reinvigorated procedures for the next step, ready to interact with the world.

RE space
My spatial machines, derived from the age-old artisanal practices of knitting and knotting reload public spaces with purpose and meaning. When put to work, these freestanding and self supported structures create relationships with the spaces they are placed in and stimulate our creative creative potential, enabling us to actively reconnect with the new conditions for this environment.