Performance artist Lisette Ross for We Are Muze Dutch design collective


For 7 hours, performance artist Lisette Ros dressed up, wore and experienced different items of clothing from diverse designers.
We challenged her to undergo the various effects of this. The result was a switch between individual personages.
These outfits directly changed Lisette’s behaviour, mood, do’s and don’ts and focus,
as she encountered altered emotions with in herself.
Performance artist – Lisette Ros   Photography – Henri Verhoef
Creative direction & concept – Conny Groenewegen
Styling – Robert Risteski
Performance artist Lisette Ross for We Are Muze Dutch design collective
Performance artist Lisette Ross for We Are Muze Dutch design collective


Lisette Ros in LoveLuha gold ring and bracelet for We Are Muze Dutch fashion collective editorial

LOVELUHA Leopard Bracelet

Lisette Ros in Electric Co unique couture wool sweater, no bikini, sitting on a dress, for We Are Muze Dutch fashion collective editorial


I dressed up in an A-line blocked dress, a piece I would never normally wear. When I zipped the dress up I had a reluctant feeling. I experienced an increased sense of rebelliousness in myself. In an attempt to make myself feel more “comfortable” in the dress, I tried emphasizing this rebellious feeling. I let my hair down, frizzed it up, smudged my make-up, made everything dirty, slide across the floor, ran around and mentally went to a dirty heavy punk bar to head bang and yell my head off. Hello transformation into Courtney Love!

Lisette Ros in Jessica Joyce graphic dress for We Are Muze Dutch fashion collective editorial

Jessica joyce gold square a-line dress

I undressed, standing in my underwear thinking about what to wear next; I dressed up in a pair of loose fitted, harem pants. I wore a leather sleeveless top, with a textured pattern. I wildly started doing punches in the air, took on a fighters’ position and behaved like a boxer in a ring with a full crowd of spectators around me. I created a neck towel out of one of the white cloths that was lyingaround. I threw it over my neck, with both of my hands wrapped around it forming fists. For a couple of minutes, I walked around like I’d just won the match; tough, masculine, tired but fulfilled. I had just become the champion, the man of the match, a respected legend.

Vanderwilt Bayle 9508M Sleeveless top

BYBROWN Crash Trousers

Lisette Ros in BYBROWN latex shorts for We Are Muze Dutch fashion collective editorial


The monk came to life when I put on an army green rain cape with a large hood. It became clear to me that I felt safe and protected but paradoxically also alone and vulnerable, lonely even. I dared to confront myself with these feelings and to explore my mind within this big piece of clothing. Did I feel especially vulnerable in this piece because I could, because I felt protected? Was this the “real me” at that moment? Or did I feel this way because this piece made me too distant from the outer world and too close to a part of my inner core?

BYBROWN Raindress Army Green

I threw on a way too big grey A-line dress with diverse textured patterns, which is designed to be sexy and revealing, but on me only exposed my extremely pale skin, my “chicken breast” and my muscular spindle-shanks. I was delighted by the dress being pulled out of context, and I felt like a young tomboy who was being dressed up by her mother to visit her fancy Aunt’s birthday. With dirty feet, my skinhead hairdo and a shitload of heavy metal earrings I pulled up the bottom of the dress, stood on my tiptoes and I felt like a ballerina. Probably one of the worst young ballerinas in the world, but I couldn’t give a damn and plié’d, relevé’d and port de bras’d my ass off.

Jessica joyce Graphic lines dress

Holy Mary! Yes, Holy Mary is the fifth and last role I played in a long leather skirt. A skirt and silver ring with a naked upper body. Previously I had already created some sort of bedroom with a “bed”. I walked up to it, lay down, closed my eyes and made myself comfortable. Good old Mary, I now know that ‘rebel’ is one of your names’ meanings, and oh if I would’ve known this beforehand… Thank you Mary, endless virgin, I rest my case.

Vanderwilt Willow 7548 Long skirt