Casting Call ‘A Cheryl’

After a beautiful collaboration that resulted in the Archive Series ’17, We Are Muze and Cheryl Schurgers join creative forces again for an exciting project that will take the form of an editorial shoot and a performance.

The concept follows Cheryl’s practice as a photographer, which explores the ways images influence our identity. She plays with the ideas of alter ego and multiple identities by placing herself as both the artist and the subject of her work, which is known for her uncanny poses.

The project begins with an open casting for Cheryl lookalikes where the contestants are invited to enter the realms of both Cheryl and We Are Muze by undergoing an initial identity transformation. The casting is both a selection process and a rehearsal for the end stage of the project, an official performance that is to take place in the coming January.

We Are Muze is currently searching for ‘Cheryls’ to participate in the editorial shoot in June, so if you see yourself as a Cheryl, check out the call poster below and apply to join our creative journey.